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A well-designed fitness function is essential to the effectiveness and efficiency of evolutionary testing. Fitness function design has been researched extensively. For fitness calculation, so far the switchcase construct has been regarded as a nested if-else structure with respect to the control flow. Given a target embraced in a <i>case</i> branch, test(More)
Evolutionary Testing has been shown a promising technology for the automatic test data generation. It reformulates test data generation as a metaheuristic search. A well- designed fitness function is essential to the efficiency of evolutionary search. Many efforts have been directed at the design and implementation of fitness function in recent years.(More)
Information infection and information leakage in computer systems are mainly caused by insecure network access. Considering the particularity of network security, a tool DTAD (dynamic taint analysis detector) for information flow security detection is designed and implemented, aiming at the problem of data security in network access. This tool performs log(More)
context of the program to make preparation for the reverse execution. PORD consists of two parts: a virtual machine and a remote control interface. We implement the virtual machine on the basis of QEmu's user mode emulator on Linux/x86 platform. The virtual CPU of the virtual machine behaves as a translator to perform dynamic binary translation that refers(More)
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