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Design and analysis of a 3.1–10.6GHz UWB low noise amplifier with forward body bias technique
Abstract A low power and high gain 3.1–10.6 GHz UWB low noise amplifier (LNA) is presented in this paper. The first stage of the UWB LNA employs a resistive shunt feedback topology in conjunctionExpand
Hybrid PAPR reduction scheme with Huffman coding and DFT-spread technique for direct-detection optical OFDM systems
A novel hybrid scheme, combined the Huffman coding and Discrete Fourier Transmission-Spread (DFT-spread) in order to reduce high PAPR in a 16-QAM short-reach intensity-modulated and direct-detection OOFDM (IMDD-OOFDM) system is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. Expand
Enhanced and controllable Goos–Hänchen shift with graphene surface plasmon in the terahertz regime
Abstract In this paper, the Goos–Hanchen (GH) shift resulting from the graphene surface plasmon in a modified Otto configuration is investigated theoretically. Through analysis the electrical fieldExpand
Microwave and optical saturable absorption in graphene.
Graphene is indeed a broadband saturable absorber that can operate at both microwave and optical band, report on the first experiments on saturable absorption in graphene at microwave frequency band. Expand
Graphene Tamm plasmon-induced low-threshold optical bistability at terahertz frequencies
In this paper, the low-threshold optical bistability (OB) of a reflected light beam at terahertz frequencies is achieved by using a multilayer structure where monolayer graphene is coated onExpand
Receiver sensitivity improvement in spectrally-efficient guard-band twin-SSB-OFDM using an optical IQ modulator
Abstract To further improve receiver sensitivity of spectrally-efficient guard-band direct-detection optical orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) with twin single-side-band (SSB)Expand
OLT-centralized sampling frequency offset compensation scheme for OFDM-PON.
Using the proposed SFO scheme, the phase rotation and inter-symbol interference caused by SFOs between OLT and multiple optical network units (ONUs) can be centrally compensated in the OLT, which reduces the complexity of ONUs. Expand
Low-Complexity Receiver Using Undersampling for Guard-Band SSB-DDO-OFDM
Adapters of analog-to-digital converter (ADC) undersampling are taken to achieve a low-complexity receiver for guard-band SSB-DDO-OFDM to reduce the implementation complexity of the receiver with the lower ADC sampling rate and reduced digital signal processing complexity. Expand
Manipulating optical Tamm state in the terahertz frequency range with graphene
The optical Tamm state (OTS), which exists generally at the interface between metal and a dielectric Bragg mirror, has been studied extensively in the visible and near infrared spectra. Nevertheless,Expand
Radio over fiber system carrying OFDM signal based on optical octuple frequency technique
Abstract We have proposed a scheme of radio over fiber (ROF) system with octuple optical millimeter-wave (mm-wave) generation transmit orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) signal basedExpand