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We present two algorithms to solve the Group Lasso problem [33]. First, we propose a general version of the Block Coordinate Descent (BCD) algorithm for the Group Lasso that employs an efficient approach for optimizing each subproblem exactly. We show that it exhibits excellent performance when the groups are of moderate size. For groups of large size, we(More)
Cucumber has been widely studied as a model for floral sex determination. In this investigation, we performed genome-wide transcriptional profiling of apical tissue of a gynoecious mutant (Csg-G) and the monoecious wild-type (Csg-M) of cucumber in an attempt to isolate genes involved in sex determination, using the Solexa technology. The profiling analysis(More)
We consider a class of sparse learning problems in high dimensional feature space regularized by a structured sparsity-inducing norm that incorporates prior knowledge of the group structure of the features. Such problems often pose a considerable challenge to optimization algorithms due to the non-smoothness and non-separability of the regularization term.(More)
Holomycin and its derivatives belong to a class of broad-spectrum antibacterial natural products containing a rare dithiolopyrrolone heterobicyclic scaffold. The antibacterial mechanism of dithiolopyrrolone compounds has been attributed to the inhibition of bacterial RNA polymerase activities, although the exact mode of action has not been established in(More)
Dithiolopyrrolones are a class of antibiotics that possess the unique pyrrolinonodithiole (4H-[1,2] dithiolo [4,3-b] pyrrol-5-one) skeleton linked to two variable acyl groups. To date, there are approximately 30 naturally occurring dithiolopyrrolone compounds, including holomycin, thiolutin, and aureothricin, and more recently thiomarinols, a unique class(More)
The fluorinase is an enzyme that catalyses the combination of S-adenosyl-L-methionine (SAM) and a fluoride ion to generate 5'-fluorodeoxy adenosine (FDA) and L-methionine through a nucleophilic substitution reaction with a fluoride ion as the nucleophile. It is the only native fluorination enzyme that has been characterised. The fluorinase was isolated in(More)
We consider the image denoising problem using total variation (TV) regularization. This problem can be computationally challenging to solve due to the non-differentiability and non-linearity of the regularization term. We propose an alternating direction augmented Lagrangian (ADAL) method, based on a new variable splitting approach that results in(More)
The 5′ fragment (1,678 bp) of the cucumber female-specific CsACS1G gene was transcriptionally fused to the green fluorescent protein (GFP) gene and GUS gene and functionally analyzed for important regulatory regions controlling gene expression in onion epidermal cells or stably transformed Arabidopsis plants. Progressive upstream deletion analyses of the(More)
Detailed chemical reaction mechanisms describing hydrocarbon combustion chemistry are conceptually structured in a hierarchical manner with H2 and CO chemistry at the base, supplemented as needed by elementary reactions of larger chemical species. While this structure gives a logical organization to combustion chemistry, the degree to which this(More)