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In group activity recognition, the temporal dynamics of the whole activity can be inferred based on the dynamics of the individual people representing the activity. We build a deep model to capture these dynamics based on LSTM (long short-term memory) models. To make use of these observations, we present a 2-stage deep temporal model for the group activity(More)
From the fermentation broth of an unidentified Phomopsis sp. (strain HKI0458) isolated from the mangrove plant Hibiscus tiliaceus, four A-seco-oleane-type triterpenes, namely 3,4-seco-olean-11,13-dien-4,15alpha, 22beta,24-tetraol-3-oic acid (1), 3,4-seco-olean-11,13-dien-4,7beta,22beta,24-tetraol-3-oic acid (2), 3,4-seco-(More)
Chemical investigation of the marine sponge Haliclona oculata resulted in the isolation of eight new compounds including oculatol (1) and oculatolide (2) and six unusual A-nor steroids, 2-ethoxycarbonyl-2beta-hydroxy-A-nor-ergosta-5,24(28)-dien-4-one (3), 2-ethoxycarbonyl-24-ethyl-2beta-hydroxy-A-nor-cholesta-5-en-4-one (4),(More)
Phenolic compounds, named integracin D (1), (7'R, 8'S, 8S)-8-hydroxyisoguaiacin (3), (2R, 3R) pinobanksin-3-caffeoylate (5) and threo-8S-7-methoxysyringylglycerol (6), respectively, were isolated from the Chinese mangrove plant Laguncularia racemosa (L) Gaertn. f. (Combretaceae), together with 23 known phenolic metabolites. Their structures were elucidated(More)
Essential oil extracted from nutmeg seeds (Myristica fragrans Houtt.) by hydrodistillation was subjected to GC/MS and GC analysis. A total of 27 constituents were identified, of which eugenol (19.9%), methylisoeugenol (16.8%), methyleugenol (16.7%), sabinene (11.8%), and terpinen-4-ol (8.5%) were the major components. The essential oil was tested against(More)
Fermentation of the marine-derived fungus Trichoderma asperellum, collected from the sediment of the Antarctic Penguin Island, resulted in the isolation of six new peptaibols named asperelines A-F (1-6), which are characterized by an acetylated N-terminus and a C-terminus containing an uncommon prolinol residue. Structures were determined by extensive 1D(More)
Semantic segmentation requires a detailed labeling of image pixels by object category. Information derived from local image patches is necessary to describe the detailed shape of individual objects. However, this information is ambiguous and can result in noisy labels. Global inference of image content can instead capture the general semantic concepts(More)
An unprecedented new limonoid-based alkaloid, granatoine (1), and a new phragmalin, xylocarpin L (2), along with xyloccensin Y were isolated as minor components from the fruits of the Chinese mangrove plant Xylocarpus granatum. Their structures were elucidated by extensive spectroscopic data (1D and 2D NMR) analysis. A possible biogenetic pathway for(More)