Zhivko Angelov

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This paper presents experiments in automatic Information Extraction of medication events, diagnoses, and laboratory tests form hospital patient records, in order to increase the completeness of the description of the episode of care. Each patient record in our hospital information system contains structured data and text descriptions, including full(More)
The article presents research in secondary use of information about medical entities that are automatically extracted from the free text of hospital patient records. To capture patient diagnoses, drugs, lab data and status, four extractors that analyse Bulgarian medical texts have been developed. An integrated repository, which comprises the extracted(More)
A conjugate of influenza virus and erythrocytes was used to detect and quantitatively determine the occurrence of respiratory epithelial cells carrying surface-associated antibody. The method was specific since uncoated erythrocytes, or erythrocytes coated with heterologous virus failed to attach. Epithelial cells carrying surface-bound anti-influenza virus(More)