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Real-time segmentation of moving regions in image sequences taken from a static camera is a basic task typically used in surveillance system. This paper presents an improved codebook modeling strategy in real-time application avoiding high computational complexity and memory burden. The basic codebook algorithm is improved by constructing another layer to(More)
A new video surveillance object recognition algorithm is presented, in which improved invariant moments and length-width ratio of object are extracted as shape feature, while color histograms of object are utilized as color feature. On the combination of shape and color features, object recognition is achieved. Based on the algorithm, an intelligent video(More)
Interesting target detection algorithm in complex natural backgrounds images is studied in this paper. Firstly, logGabor filter bank is analyzed, which is consistent with human visual system characteristics. Several kinds of local features from the filter bank can form the integrated feature. Integrated feature congruency (IFC) model is established. And(More)
Precise fundus image features detection is an important factor for screening diabetic retinopathy. Some noises in fundus image features extraction need to be solved. This paper studies using phase information to attempt get better effect. We use and compare four phase-based approaches and get some instructive results.
An important advantage of the partial differential equation image processing method is that it can perform two or more tasks simultaneously. The combination of heat conduction equation and anisotropic coupled diffusion equations is used for image restoration. In the damaged domain, isotropic diffusion is adopted for image inpainting. While in the other(More)