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—In this technical note, we consider adaptive control of single input uncertain nonlinear systems in the presence of input saturation and unknown external disturbance. By using backstepping approaches, two new robust adaptive control algorithms are developed by introducing a well defined smooth function and using a Nussbaum function. The Nussbaum function(More)
— It is well known that hysteresis often exists and failures may occur in practical actuators during system operation. The compensation for uncertainties caused by unknown hysteresis and unknown failures is an important problem in ensuring system stability and performances. However, available results based on adaptive approaches to address such a problem(More)
Keywords: Multi-state systems Reliability Universal generating function State of health Battery pack Electric vehicle a b s t r a c t Battery technology is an enabling technology for electric vehicles (EVs), and improving its safety and reliability while reducing its cost will benefit its application to EVs. In this paper, a method on the design and(More)
In the present study, the repellent effects of essential balm, a traditional medicine product in China, was tested against foraging and defending red imported fire ants, Solenopsis invicta Buren, under laboratory and field conditions. The laboratory study showed that both band- (width = 1 cm) and patch-smearing of essential balm at each concentration (0.5,(More)
Small mammals play important roles in many ecosystems, and understanding their response to disturbances such as cattle grazing is fundamental for developing sustainable land use strategies. However, how small mammals respond to cattle grazing remains controversial. A potential cause is that most of previous studies adopt rather simple experimental designs(More)