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In this technical note, we consider adaptive control of single input uncertain nonlinear systems in the presence of input saturation and unknown external disturbance. By using backstepping approaches, two new robust adaptive control algorithms are developed by introducing a well defined smooth function and using a Nussbaum function. The Nussbaum function is(More)
Soybean mosaic virus resistance was significantly improved in multiple soybean cultivars through genetic transformation induced by inverted repeat-SMV- HC - Pro genes based on RNAi and post-transcriptional gene silencing. Here, we demonstrate Soybean mosaic virus (SMV) resistance in transgenic soybean plants. Transformation of five soybean genotypes with a(More)
Selection of kernel function parameters is one of the key problems in support vector regression(SVR) for forecasting because these free parameters have significant impact on the performances of forecasting accuracy. The commonly used grid search method is intractable and computational expensive. In this paper, a fast grid search method is proposed for(More)
The human monoamine neurotransmitter-preferring phenol sulfotransferase (M-PST) plays an essential role in the sulfation of catecholamines, such as dopamine. The cDNA encoding M-PST has been reported, and we have recently identified cosmid clones from human chromosome 16p11.2 for this gene, STM. Plasmid subclones derived from the STM cosmid clones were(More)
Hysteresis nonlinearity exists in many physical actuators and actuator failures seem inevitable in practice. However, there is still no result available to compensate for failures of hysteric actuators in the design of controllers based on adaptive approaches. In this paper, we address such a problem by considering controlling a class of unknown nonlinear(More)