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There are two major problems of unstructured P2P systems, one is their heavy network traffic; the other is the problem of unpredictable delay. The popular search techniques in unstructured P2P networks such as flooding, dynamic query don't deal with these problems efficiently for they are lack of heuristic. In this paper, we proposed a new search algorithm,(More)
P2P systems have suffered a lot from free riding problem i.e. some participants consume more resources than they contribute. In order to deal with this problem efficiently, an incentive model based on peer credit has been proposed. Each peer in this model is a credit entity. Through introducing reward method to the model, peers will allocate resources(More)
There're two major problems in the unstructured p2p systems, one is their heavy network traffic; the other is the problem of query effectiveness, which is caused mainly by high numbers of query answers, many of which are irrelevant for users. A potential solution is to use Top-k queries. The objective of a top-k query is to find the k highest ranked answers(More)
The smart grid has caught great attention in recent years, which is poised to transform a centralised producer-controlled power network to a decentralised consumer-interactive power network that is supported by the information technology. However, it also leads to the concern that security threats in cyber network (such as wireless sensor networks) could(More)
Nowadays in order to process and store many kinds of multimedia data, the storage capability of memory has grown greatly. Moreover the widespread use of mobile devices and cloud computing has made criminal investigators often face a lot of memory dumps. They have to deal with a large quantity of memory data and complex OS data structures which they have(More)
Based on the analysis to the traditional inspection way of the substation simulation system, the paper designs and realizes a new 3-D inspection simulation system of substation. A virtual inspector is designed by 3-D model animation technology to implement the inspection of the devices. The bounding box technology is applied to set the dangerous regions of(More)
With the support of cloud computing, large quantities of data collected from various WSN applications can be managed efficiently. However, maintaining data security and efficiency of data processing in cloud- WSN (C-WSN) are important and challenging issues. In this paper, we present an efficient data outsourcing scheme based on CP-ABE, which can not only(More)