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There are two major problems of unstructured P2P systems, one is their heavy network traffic; the other is the problem of unpredictable delay. The popular search techniques in unstructured P2P networks such as flooding, dynamic query don't deal with these problems efficiently for they are lack of heuristic. In this paper, we proposed a new search algorithm,(More)
There're two major problems in the unstructured p2p systems, one is their heavy network traffic; the other is the problem of query effectiveness, which is caused mainly by high numbers of query answers, many of which are irrelevant for users. A potential solution is to use Top-k queries. The objective of a top-k query is to find the k highest ranked answers(More)
P2P systems have suffered a lot from free riding problem i.e. some participants consume more resources than they contribute. In order to deal with this problem efficiently, an incentive model based on peer credit has been proposed. Each peer in this model is a credit entity. Through introducing reward method to the model, peers will allocate resources(More)
With the increasing number of mobile applications and the popularity of cloud computing, the combination of these two techniques that named mobile cloud computing (MCC) attracts great attention in recent years. However, due to the risks associated with security and privacy, mobility security protection in MCC has become an important issue. In this paper, we(More)
With the demand of guaranteeing the safety of the files, which contain enterprise core information resource, this paper presents the Mandatory Hardware Confirming Control technology and a safe file system based on it. The system captures the operations on sensitive files by various processes, and then examines if the corresponding hardware signals exist.(More)
Recently, with the support of mobile cloud computing, large number of health-related data collected from various body sensor networks can be managed efficiently. However, it is an important and challenging issue to keep data security and data privacy in cloud-integrated body sensor network (C-BSN). In this paper, we present a novel secure access control(More)
For facing the new challenges of the network information security, the theory of active controllable defense is introduced in this paper, and then a Behavior-based Prediction Detection Response model of active controllable defense called BPDR is proposed. Firstly, it is in order to reduce and eliminate the security delay brought by the traditional passive(More)