Zhisong Hou

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The research on distributed intrusion detection system (DIDS) is a rapidly growing area of interest because the existence of centralized intrusion detection system (IDS) is increasingly unfit for the current network circumstance. So we have designed a distributed intrusion detection system prototype, based on mobile agents. Our agents travel between systems(More)
The System is made up of MCU and GSM Modem. It will display the alarm content in Chinese directly at your mobile screen, and it recurs to the most reliable GSM mobile network. The system adopted initiative infrared sensor to detect, and it turned the traditional alarm net and alarm windows to immateriality. Besides, the system equipped the smog sensor and(More)
According to the traditional control methods of batching-material exists system defects low precision and bad real time, this paper has proposed the combined control algorithm. This paper has designed a Fuzzy-PID control Glass batching-material system by using of combining the traditional PID and the Fuzzy control algorithm. The system uses expert system of(More)
According to the problems of traditional intrusion detection system, there was a design of intrusion detection system based on mobile agent. The internal function of mobile agent was divided. Moreover, the communication manner and interactive process were applied in the paper. It is can be seen from the result that the system could reduce the network load(More)
Considering the problem of traditional workflow management system, this paper presents a workflow management system based on multi-agent, which applies the coordination and negotiation of multi-agent and the task distribution strategy based on contract net. So, it can not only contribute the communication of nested components, but also settle the conflict(More)
Because of the rocketing development in wireless mobile communicaction technology, remote health care system are designed and developed. The communication network adopted embedded ZigBee wireless technology and WI-FI wireless route in this paper, having practicality and flexibility and extendibility, so this flexible medical service system can enable user(More)
This article analysis the observability question from the localization principle and position error. Based on this, has discussed the question of the multi-baseline phase interferometer direction finding and the phase difference, and proposed an improved fast solution fuzzy algorithm. The simulation result indicated that this algorithm increased the(More)