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It is high of commercial importance to generate the grain refinement in alloys during solidification by means of electromagnetic fields. Two typical patterns of electromagnetic fields, pulsed electric currents (ECP) and traveling magnetic field (TMF), are frequently employed to produce the finer equiaxed grains in solidifying alloys. Various mechanisms were(More)
The concept of effective density of interface states at a-SiNx:H/a-Si:H interface has been used to analyse the performance of a-Si TFT theoretically, such as field effect, flat band voltage, subthreshold characteristics, as well as experimental research on a-Si TFT. The transfer characteristics of various a-Si TFT and the sub-threshold characteristic(More)
The gate-to-source parasitic capacitance in a-Si TFT consists of both geometric and apparent ones, in whlich the former is caused by the geometric overlapping between gate and source electrodes, and the latter is originated from the field overlapping due to fringe of electric field by gate and source electrodes in a-Si TFT. This presentation has given a(More)
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