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A portion of hemicelluloses and acetic acid can be pre-extracted with dilute sulfuric acid prior to the aspen chemithermomechanical pulp process. The streams collected from the second press-impregnation stage after acid pre-extraction contain a significant amount of acid pre-extracted hemicelluloses. Most of the total sugars obtained from the pressate were(More)
In order to go deeply into the researches on the theory of hemodynamics for interventional treatment of lung cancer, we have designed a simulating experimental system. Using the experimental system, we can simulate the operation process and test the effect of drug infusion under a variety of physiological parameters. The parameters that admit of adjustment(More)
In sport games, since the human body movement data are mainly drawn from the sports field with the hues or even interruptions of commercial environment, some difficulties must be surmounted in order to analyze the images. It is obviously not enough just to use the method of grey-image treatment. We have applied the characteristics of the prime number(More)
This paper discusses an in vitro simulating experiment for drug injection based on predictive control in vascular interventional therapy. The relationship between the model of drug injection and the pulsatile blood flow was studied. The experimental model for predictive control of drug injection was tested and verified so as to support the future animal(More)
The yeast Candida guilliermondii FTI 20037 is well-known for its ability to produce xylitol from xylose. Recently, this strain was found to produce greater than 5% (w/v) ethanol from glucose. This level of ethanol is typically not exceeded by wild-type strains of other native pentose-fermenting yeasts. This prompted the current study to examine the ability(More)
The development of automatic drug delivery is reviewed in this paper. The control-relevance of models, the relevant algorithm, the system running and the simulation effect are introduced. The value for clinical application of each case is assessed. The new advances and high-lights of researches are discussed.
The efficiency of optical brightening agents (OBAs), also known as fluorescent whitening agents (FWAs), has long been of interest in the production of uncoated fine paper, particularly in uncoated fine paper grades containing high-yield pulp (HYP). The increasing levels of whiteness and also the increasing HYP substitution in fine papers has made OBA(More)
Study of mechanism of medicine actions, by quantitative analysis of cultured cardiac myocyte, is one of the cutting edge researches in myocyte dynamics and molecular biology. The characteristics of cardiac myocyte auto-beating without external stimulation make the research sense. Research of the morphology and cardiac myocyte motion using image analysis can(More)
Hemicelluloses can be removed from wood chips prior to mechanical pulping, which would offer new feedstocks for the production of chemicals and fuels. The aim of this study was to evaluate pre-extraction to maximize pre-extraction yield, while minimizing negative impacts on wood chips. The effects of three independent process variables (NaOH charge,(More)
This paper focuses on the animal experiment of automatic drug delivery based on predictive control for vascular interventional therapy. Improvement of drug delivery system based on predictive control used in simulated experiments was put forward after the presence of time varying parameters and the characteristics of individual differences of animal had(More)