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Head and modifier detection is an important problem for applications that handle short texts such as search queries, ads keywords, titles, captions, etc. In many cases, short texts such as search queries do not follow grammar rules, and existing approaches for head and modifier detection are coarse-grained, domain specific, and/or require labeling of large(More)
Various efforts have been made to elucidate the cooperating proteins involved in maintaining chromatin interactions; however, many are still unknown. Here, we present 3CPET, a tool based on a non-parametric Bayesian approach, to infer the set of the most probable protein complexes involved in maintaining chromatin interactions and the regions that they may(More)
This paper studies the nonlinear transceiver design in downlink coordinated multi-cell system where base stations (BSs) are powered by hybrid sources, including conventional grid and renewable energy. Renewable energy is collected by energy harvesting equipment deployed at BS. However, the harvested energy from different BSs varies in space and time, and(More)
Per-cell codebook based limited feedback technique in the coordinated multi-point transmission (CoMP) system has received more and more attention because of its flexibility and scalability. In practical CoMP systems, quantized channel state information (CSI) is subject to a feedback delay due to signal processing at the receiver, finite bandwidth of(More)
This paper proposes a nonlinear joint transmit-receive (tx-rx) processing scheme for downlink-coordinated multi-cell systems with multi-stream multi-antenna users. The nonlinear joint tx-rx processing is formulated as an optimization problem to maximize the minimum signal-to-interference noise ratio (SINR) of streams to guarantee the fairness among streams(More)
Somatic cells can be reprogrammed to induced-pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) by introducing few reprogramming factors, which challenges the long held view that cell differentiation is irreversible. However, the mechanism of induced pluripotency is still unknown. Inspired by the phenomenological reprogramming model of Artyomov et al (2010), we proposed a(More)
Interpreting the user intent in search queries is a key task in query understanding. Query intent classification has been widely studied. In this article, we go one step further to understand the query from the view of head--modifier analysis. For example, given the query “popular iphone 5 smart cover,” instead of using coarse-grained semantic(More)