Zhirou Zhang

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There are many common monitoring systems in Data Center (DC) to ensure devices' security and normal run, to promote DC's management and maintenance, and to lower the effect of human factors. Design of integrated monitoring system in DC should think all monitoring systems as a whole, in which server monitoring system is a core and DC asset management system(More)
Because of autonomy and intelligence of mobile agent, mobile agents can be used to take tasks of applications to access grid services in dynamic heterogeneous grid environments. According to the features of grid environment and mobile agent, a new TSP model is presented to describe mobile agent's migration in Grid and a new algorithm- bi-pheromone ant(More)
Grid is a research hot point in computer industry. In this paper, mobile agents are used as carriers of distributed tasks in grid, which can migrate between grid services autonomously and intelligently. Some mobile agents transmit a great deal of data in high-bandwidth and high-delay grid environment. According to features of grid and mobile agents, a new(More)
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