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Can we train the computer to beat experienced traders for financial assert trading? In this paper, we try to address this challenge by introducing a recurrent deep neural network (NN) for real-time financial signal representation and trading. Our model is inspired by two biological-related learning concepts of deep learning (DL) and reinforcement learning(More)
Rear-end collisions are the most common traffic accidents. Technologies, such as collision warning systems, are developed to reduce the risks of rear-end collisions. This study presents a mobile technology using smartphones to detect the leading vehicle, allowing the possibility to make collision warning systems more affordable and portable. This technology(More)
Video retargeting is a technique that resizes the aspect ratio and resolution of a video in a content aware manner. There are three main challenges in the video retargeting: visual salien-cy preservation, deformation prevention and temporal consistency preservation. Existing video retargeting methods can be roughly classified into seam carving based methods(More)
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