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As switched reluctance motors (SRM) generally offer a simple and robust design, they are very suitable for an aircraft main engine fuel pump drive which needs to be actuated by fault tolerant drives. Based on analytical comparison the merits and demerits of some different machine topologies including redundancies, a six phase 12/8 fault-tolerant SRM is(More)
A novel high performance torque control scheme for switched reluctance motors(SRMs) is proposed based on online fuzzy neural network modeling and adaptive sliding-mode current control. Firstly, an adaptive neural fuzzy inference system(ANFIS) is designed to learn the nonlinear static position-torque-current characteristic and the flux-linkage characteristic(More)
Open-winding permanent magnet (PM) generator power system is an important research direction of wind power. Compared with rotor-PM motor, flux-switching permanent magnet (FSPM) machines have the advantage that is suitable for flux-weakening operation and has no risk of PM demagnetization. Hence, FSPM machine is applied to the open-winding power system in(More)
This paper presents a five-degrees-of-freedom (DOF) magnetic levitation motor system. The rotor of the system is rotated by a high speed induction motor. In order to improve the integration level, reduce the volume and power loss of the system, one hybrid axial-radial magnetic bearing and one hybrid radial magnetic bearing are applied to suspend the rotor.(More)
High torque density, wide speed range are required in electric motors used in electric vehicles. Based on the comparison of flux-weakening capability of alternate and all poles wound machines, this paper employs twisted-rotor structure and chooses the optimal twist angle to improve the symmetry of flux-linkage of alternate poles wound FSPM machine without(More)