Zhiqing Meng

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K e y w o r d s N o n l i n e a r programming, Exact penalty function, Objective penalty function. 1. I N T R O D U C T I O N The problem we consider in this paper is as follows: f0(x), s.t. k ( a ) < 0, i E I = { 1 , 2 , . . . , m } , (P) The authors would like to thank anonymous referees' comments and remarks that help us to improve the presentation of(More)
In many evolutionary algorithms, it is very important way to use penalty function as a fitness function in order to solve many integer optimization problems. In this paper, we first define a new objective penalty function and give its some properties for integer constrained optimization problems. Then, we present an algorithm with global convergence for(More)
For the capacitated minimum spanning tree problem (CMST), there are still no effective algorithms to solve this problem up to now. In this paper, we present a completely new approach by using the genetic algorithms (GAs). For the adaptation to the evolutionary process, we developed a tree-based genetic representation to code the candidate solution of the(More)