Zhiqing Feng

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A novel high excited state energy transfer pathway to overcome the phonon quenching effect in rare-earth (RE) oxide upconversion (UC) materials is reported. In Er(Tm)-Yb oxide systems, an extraordinary enhancement of UC luminescence efficiency with four orders of magnitude is realized by Mo co-doping. The RE oxides with significant UC efficiency are(More)
We have realized in-situ growth of ultrathin ZnIn2S4 nanosheets on the sheet-like g-C3N4 surfaces to construct a "sheet-on-sheet" hierarchical heterostructure. The as-synthesized ZnIn2S4/g-C3N4 heterojunction nanosheets exhibit remarkably enhancement on the photocatalytic activity for H2 production. This enhanced photoactivity is mainly attributed to the(More)
The RE3Al5O12 (REAG:Er3Al5O12, Er:Y3Al5O12 and Er:Yb3Al5O12) up-conversion (UC) nanocrystals have been prepared by the non-aqueous sol-gel method. The green and red UC emissions are attributed to the 2H(11/2), 4S(3/2) --> 4I(15/2) and 4F(9/2) --> 4I(15/2) transitions of Er3+, respectively, were obtained for all samples with a 975 nm semiconductor LD(More)
Upconversion luminescence properties from the emissions of Stark sublevels of Er(3+) were investigated in Er(3+)-Yb(3+)-Mo(6+)-codoped TiO₂ phosphors in this study. According to the energy levels split from Er(3+), green and red emissions from the transitions of four coupled energy levels, ²H11/2(I)/²H11/2(II), ⁴S3/2(I)/⁴S3/2(II), ⁴F9/2(I)/⁴F9/2(II), and(More)
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