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Metasurfaces comprising arrays of film-coupled, nanopatch antennas are a promising platform for low-energy, all-optical switches. The large field enhancements that can be achieved in the dielectric spacer region between the nanopatch and the metallic substrate can substantially enhance optical nonlinear processes. Here we consider a dielectric material that(More)
The paper reveals a trend of substituting PC with thin clients. Features and application demand of thin clients are investigated. A comprehensive evaluation system is established, which takes factors including hardware, remote concentrated management system, peripheral compatibility, performance, reliability, virtualization platform compatibility and energy(More)
As social network is becoming widely used, the problem of protection of user's privacy has caused heated debate. It is necessary to let users know who would propagate or leak their personal information, and we define those people as vulnerable friends. Most existing approaches are either personal information based or users' influence based. In this paper,(More)
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