Zhiqiang Zhao

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JBPM has become more and more popular in the field of workflow management recently. At First, this article gives a simple description of workflow system and JBPM workflow engine. Then it analyzes the implements mode with which JBPM manage and control workflow. Finally, it explains clearly the transfer process and specific usage of the JBPM workflow(More)
Direct interspecies electron transfer (DIET) between Geobacter species and Methanosaeta species is an alternative to interspecies hydrogen transfer (IHT) in anaerobic digester, which however has not been established in anaerobic sludge digestion as well as in bioelectrochemical systems yet. In this study, it was found that over 50% of methane production of(More)
Research has shown that the palmitoyl group of α-tubulin mediates the hydrophobic interaction between microtubules and intracellular membranes and that palmitoylated tubulin plays a role in signal transduction. There are 20 cysteine residues per α/β tubulin heterodimer. C376 of α-tubulin was reported to be predominantly palmitoylated and C20, C213 and C305(More)
This paper propose a two-step prefetching and active-passive prefetching and caching scheme to decrease the network delay in picture sharing system between smart devices. The scheme use the time that network is idle to prefetch data, reduce users' waiting time. It uses two-step prefetching to reduce bandwidth consumption, use active-passive prefetching to(More)
This study was directed at extracting the rabbit somatosensory evoked potential (SEP), locating and analyzing the waveform of rabbit SEP. The rabbit was narcotized and stimulated by 0.5 Hz electric pulse. Potential of scalp was sampled at 3.764 Hz. Rabbit somatosensory evoked potential was extracted by one-dimension multi-resolution analysis, and continuous(More)
Reactions occurring at a carbon atom through the Walden inversion mechanism are one of the most important and useful classes of reactions in chemistry. Here we report an accurate theoretical study of the simplest reaction of that type: the H+CH4 substitution reaction and its isotope analogues. It is found that the reaction threshold versus collision energy(More)