Zhiqiang Yi

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This paper presents optimal pilot sequences for the estimation of frequency-selective channels in multi-input multioutput orthogonal frequency division multiplex (MIMO-OFDM) systems. The channel estimation solution has very low complexity and flexible antenna structure. With the proposed pilot structure, we can obtain the optimal mean square error (MSE)(More)
This paper researches the channel estimation (CE) algorithm of multi-input multi-output orthogonal frequency division multiplex (MIMO-OFDM) systems. It is mainly working on the study of Least Square (LS) CE algorithm based on pilot tones. We present an improved CE algorithm in both time domain and frequency domain. This algorithm can reduce the calculation(More)
In DVB-S receive system, the decoder applies ergodic principle to auto-recover the convolutional code information. The general method makes decision by packet sync byte, and the recovery time is excessively long. An efficient recovery scheme is proposed to reduce the time: taking advantage of the property of "Secondary Encode", applying the(More)
We derived exact closed-form expressions for the average symbol error rate (SER) for M-ary differential phaseshift keying (MDPSK), equal energy, equiprobable correlated binary signals, and 4 / π -differential quaternary phase-shift keying (DQPSK) with multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) maximal-ratio combining (MRC) systems and channel estimation error in(More)
This paper proposes an improved synchronization and channel estimation solution for multiinput multi-output orthogonal frequency division multiplex (MIMO-OFDM) system. We present a novel preamble design, on this basis, the performance of synchronization and channel estimation can be improved in an iterative way. Simulation results demonstrate that the(More)
it is a great challenge to design an On-Chip Bus (OCB) system to meet the extremely high bandwidth requirements in HDTV SoC decoder. In this paper, an OCB system with high throughput and flexibility based on the multi-bus architecture is proposed. A bus switch with multi-level arbiter structure is also constructed thereafter. Simulation results show that(More)
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