Zhiqiang Wei

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Human activity recognition is important in the study of personal health, wellness and lifestyle. In order to acquire human activity information from the personal space, many wearable multi-sensor devices have been developed. In this paper, a novel technique for automatic activity recognition based on multi-sensor data is presented. In order to utilize these(More)
Non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) has been recognized as a promising multiple access technique for the next generation cellular communication networks. In this paper, we first discuss a simple NOMA model with two users served by a single-carrier simultaneously to illustrate its basic principles. Then, a more general model with multicarrier serving an(More)
Internet of Things is not only a platform for communication between people, but also it provides the real-time information exchange between things and things, people and things, things and people. With the popularity of the internet of things, the application services are increasing. However, those services are usually based on the user's location(More)
For the development and operating efficiency of Web applications based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework, and, according to the actual business environment and needs in the project practice, the framework of Web application system is studied in this paper. Through the research of Spring MVC framework and Mybatis framework as well as some related(More)
BACKGROUND Studies have revealed that resistin plays a role as an intrahepatic cytokine with proinflammatory activities. This study investigated the association between serum resistin and fibrosis severity and the possible marker role of resistin in the inflammatory process of chronic hepatitis B. METHODS In this study, 234 subjects with HBV infection(More)
Underwater wireless sensor network is a novel type of underwater networked system. Due to the characteristics of UWSN and underwater channel, UWSN are vulnerable to malicious attacks. The existing security solutions proposed for WSN cannot be used directly in UWSN. Moreover, most of these solutions are layer wise. In this paper, we studied the threat,(More)