Zhiqiang Sun

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We study eye gaze movement behavior during paper reading and generate a series of annotations from a user's reading features: gray shading to indicate reading speed, borders to indicate frequency of re-reading, and lines to indicate transitions between sections of a document. Through a user study, we validate that our SocialReading system that shares(More)
BACKGROUND It is indicated that non-HDL cholesterol and lipid ratios, including total/HDL cholesterol and LDL/HDL cholesterol ratios, are risk indicators with greater predictive value for coronary atherosclerotic progression or regression compared with conventional lipid profile. However, there have been few reports about the correlation between serum lipid(More)
Eye tracking is a compelling tool for revealing people's spatial-temporal distribution of visual attention. But quality eye tracking hardware is expensive and can only be used with one person at a time. Further, webcam eye tracking systems have significant limitations on head movement and lighting conditions that result in significant data loss and(More)
OBJECTIVES With the announcement of human proteome and interaction data, it becomes possible to comprehensively investigate the tissue-expression and network properties of inherited disease proteins. In this study, our goal was to develop methods to map the disease and expression data and analyze the disorder-tissue associations. METHODS In this paper, we(More)
Wireless sensor network (WSN) is formed by a large number of cheap sensors, which are communicated by an ad hoc wireless network to collect information of sensed objects of a certain area. The acquired information is useful only when the locations of sensors and objects are known. Therefore, localization is one of the most important technologies of WSN. In(More)