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Foreign Direct Investment and Technology Spillovers: Theory and Evidence
Within the endogenous growth framework, we offer an explanation on how foreign direct investment (FDI) generates externalities in the form of technology transfer. We distinguish between the level andExpand
Fiscal Decentralization and Economic Growth in China*
We employ a province-level data set to assess the contribution of fiscal decentralization initiated in the 1980s to economic growth in China. Controlling for other concurrent reform measures, we findExpand
Institution and inequality: the hukou system in China
We examine the impact of China's hukou system, which is an institution controlling population movement, on social and economic outcomes at the individual level. Using data from a recent ChineseExpand
Foreign Direct Investment and Technology Spillover: Evidence from China
We investigate empirically whether foreign direct investment generates externalities in the form of technology transfer. Using data on 29 manufacturing industries over the period from 1993 to 1998 inExpand
Productivity Growth and Firm Ownership: An Analytical and Empirical Investigation
We focus on the effect of state versus private ownership on the rates of firm-specific productivity growth and cost decline by developing a model of endogenous, firm-specific productivity growth andExpand
Earnings, Education, and Economic Reforms in Urban China
  • Zhiqiang Liu
  • Economics
  • Economic Development and Cultural Change
  • 1 July 1998
The Economic Impact and Determinants of Investment in Human and Political Capital in China*
  • Zhiqiang Liu
  • Economics
  • Economic Development and Cultural Change
  • 12 February 2003
This paper analyzes the roles of human capital and political capital in income determination, and the determinants of investment in these two types of capital in China. Political capital is treatedExpand
The External Returns to Education: Evidence from Chinese Cities
Following Rauch's (1993) seminal study, there has been a growing interest among economists in estimating human capital externalities at the individual level. In this paper, we provide a first set ofExpand
Sensitivity Analyses of the Deterrence Hypothesis: Let's Keep the Econ in Econometrics
Leamer and McManus applied Extreme Bound Analysis (EBA) in an empirical study of the deterrent effects of capital punishment and other penalties. Their analysis has questioned the validity of theExpand
Human Capital in China
In this paper we estimate China's human capital stock from 1985 to 2007 based on the Jorgenson-Fraumeni lifetime income approach. An individual's human capital stock is equal to the discountedExpand