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The exposures to extremely low frequency magnetic field (ELF-MF) in our environment have dramatically increased. Epidemiological studies suggest that there is a possible association between ELF-MF exposure and increased risks of cardiovascular disease, cancers and neurodegenerative disorders. Animal studies show that ELF-MF exposure may interfere with the(More)
Abraxas brother 1 (ABRO1) has been reported to be a component of the BRISC complex, a multiprotein complex that specifically cleaves 'Lys-63'-linked ubiquitin. However, current knowledge of the functions of ABRO1 is limited. Here we report that ABRO1 is frequently downregulated in human liver, kidney, breast and thyroid gland tumour tissues. Depletion of(More)
With the growing complexity of the modern industrial process, monitoring large-scale plant-wide processes has become quite popular. Unlike traditional processes, the measured data in the plant-wide process pose great challenges to information capture, data management, and storage. More importantly, it is difficult to efficiently interpret the information(More)
Multiway principal component analysis (MPCA) has been widely used to monitor batch processes. However, due to the nature and complicated changes of batch processes, the data in fact contains inherent non-Gaussian information. Besides, when used for on-line monitoring, MPCA needs future value estimation. These shortcomings may lead to poor monitoring(More)
A series of novel 1-methyl-3-substituted quinazoline-2,4-dione derivatives were designed, synthesized, and characterized by (1)H NMR, (13)C NMR and MS spectral data. Their inhibition against chitin synthase (CHS) and antifungal activities were evaluated in vitro. Results showed compounds 5b, 5c, 5e, 5f, 5j, 5k, 5l, and 5o had strong inhibitory potency(More)
The hierarchy of events accompanying induction of apoptosis by the microtubule inhibitor docetaxel was investigated in HL-60 human leukemia cells. Treatment of HL-60 cells with docetaxel resulted in the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), activation of caspase-3 (-like) protease, c-Jun N-terminal kinase/stress-activated protein kinase (JNK/SAPK)(More)
For fault classification in industrial processes, the performance of the classification model highly depends on the size of labeled dataset. Unfortunately, labeling the fault types of data samples need expert experiences and prior knowledge of the process, which is costly and time consuming. As a result, semisupervised modeling with both labeled and(More)
Online measurement of the melt index is typically unavailable in industrial polypropylene production processes, soft sensing models are therefore required for estimation and prediction of this important quality variable. Polymerization is a highly nonlinear process, which usually produces products with multiple quality grades. In the present paper, an(More)