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Generally, the three-stage current protection and the instantaneous under voltage protection with current supervision are set to protect the low-voltage distribution system. The protection range of adaptive current instantaneous protection, irrelevant to the fault type of the power system, will be affected by the different operating mode of the system. When(More)
A DFIG-based wind generator electromagnetic transient model is established on the RTDS platform in this paper. Stator flux oriented vector control scheme is adopted to achieve power decoupling control in the DFIG based wind model. In order to research the impact of the wind farm on the existing protection relay of the network, this paper establishes single(More)
In a small current grounding system, using wavelet modulus maxima and reverse fault traveling wave fault location method, select a suitable mother wavelet for this localization function, derived fault location algorithm, summed up the calculation process. Finally, use the PSB of matlab7.6 set up 35KV distribution system and conduct a single-phase ground(More)
Major features of IEC 61850 include SCL-based engineering, uniform data model and communication-based information transfer. Owing to XML-based characteristics of SCL, a substation engineering can be done easily with programming. There are four kinds of information file in the SCL-based engineering - SSD (System Specification Description), ICD (IED(More)
The formation of the transient capacitive current and its effects on the HVDC transmission line differential protection is analyzed based on the wave propagation principle in this paper. The magnitude of capacitive current in the transient process of DC line fault is directly proportional to the time difference of fault signal travelling to both terminals(More)
This paper designs a novel sampling data preprocessing subsystem in integrated protection based on IEC61850. This subsystem will be used to solve the problems of data redundancy processing and bad value processing. A framework structure of integrated protection software system based on the concept of module distributed is firstly presented, and then the(More)