Zhiqian Bo

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A DFIG-based wind generator electromagnetic transient model is established on the RTDS platform in this paper. Stator flux oriented vector control scheme is adopted to achieve power decoupling control in the DFIG based wind model. In order to research the impact of the wind farm on the existing protection relay of the network, this paper establishes single(More)
Generally, the three-stage current protection and the instantaneous under voltage protection with current supervision are set to protect the low-voltage distribution system. The protection range of adaptive current instantaneous protection, irrelevant to the fault type of the power system, will be affected by the different operating mode of the system. When(More)
In this paper, a power quality monitoring system based on network is developed. The system combines communicatechnology and database technology, is made up of the monitor devices, monitor terminating, database and the Web server etc, using the B/S model which is a layered distributed structure. According to the power quality standards of China, the system(More)
In order to insure the reliability and economy of network-based traveling wave fault location, an optimal configuration algorithm for network-based traveling wave fault location unit is proposed. It can be analyzed that different network configuration and specific fault location have great influence for the shortest transmission path of initial traveling(More)
Self-adaptive system islanding is a new research direction in the field of islanding control. The sub problems and framework of self-adaptive islanding were studied in this paper. The research contents are as follow. First, the traditional out-of-step islanding schemes is introduced and simulated. The simulation results show some defects of traditional(More)
This paper reports on the development of integrated protection for power system. The background of the development is firstly introduced, in which a centralized protection system (or relay) provides the protection of multiple power plant or a substation. A novel integrated protection scheme for distribution system based on overcurrent protection technique(More)
This paper reviews the concept and development of the integrated protection for power system. A number of new protection schemes with features of integrated protection are outlined. The hardware and software of the prototype is also designed. Studies have shown that protection performance is improved by these new schemes. And the integrated protection(More)
The parameters of transmission lines are usually not completely symmetrical in actual power grid. As to paralleled double-circuit line, this kind of asymmetry can bring current unbalance even under normal condition, and therefore may have a negative impact on the line temperature, losses and even traditional relay protection equipments. In this paper, we(More)
This paper proposes a multi-agent technology to energy management of the distributed generations in a micro-grid system. An introduction and analysis of the distributed intelligent multi-agent technology are presented first, including its three-layered architecture and operation mechanism. Then, the objective function about micro-grid system is given.(More)