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This study aims to investigate the influence of diet roughage proportion on the methanogenic communities from the rumen and fecal samples in Altay local sheep native to Xinjiang and better understand the association of methanogenic diversity or abundance with methane emissions of the ruminants. In this study, the high roughage diet was found to cause more(More)
A membrane bioreactor (MBR) was developed for the treatment of anaerobically digested swine wastewater and to investigate the effect of ammonium nitrogen concentration on biological nitrogen removal and ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) community structures. The MBR achieved a high NH4(+)-N removal efficiency of 0.08 kgNMLSS(-1)d(-1) and removed 95% of the(More)
The effects of free ammonia (FA) and dissolved oxygen (DO) on nitrite accumulation in the treatment of high ammonium wastewater and on the evolution of the microbial community were investigated. Under high DO conditions (3.75 ± 0.49 mg/L), FA as high as 10.61 ± 2.89 mg NH3/L maintained stable nitrite accumulation rate (NAR) of 84 % with NH4 +-N load of 2.05(More)
Biogas digesters are commonly used in livestock farming in China. The digestion process converts large amounts of raw liquid manure (RLM) to biogas digester effluent (BDE). The BDE is then stored on the farm for some time before land application as crop or orchard nutrients. Storage of RLM or BDE is associated with gas emissions, although little information(More)
This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of dietary forage type and concentrate-to-forage ratio (CTFR) on CH4 emissions from dairy cows in China using the SF6 tracer method. Rumen fluid concentrations of NH4-N and VFA, rumen fluid pH, and daily milk yield were measured as well. The dietary regimens included: corn stalks (dry corn stalks after corn(More)
Robot navigation has been a hot topic in the area of mobile robot. A lot of research has been undergone ranging from noble algorithms to applications. Fisheye image has wide angle View and it is easy to obtain the position of the object and keep it in vision within large scale, so it is an important research domain in robot navigation. However it has a(More)
Gaseous emissions from animal manure are considerable contributor to global ammonia (NH3) and agriculture greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Given the demand to promote mitigation of GHGs while fostering sustainable development of the Paris Agreement, an improvement of management systems is urgently needed to help mitigate climate change and to improve(More)
Hoop structures have been used quite widely for animal production in the U.S. due to their lower capital costs and multi-purpose versatility. Hoop barns for grower-finisher (G-F) swine production have attracted attention in China as an alternative, environmentally friendly, and water-saving production system. This study was conducted to assess(More)
This paper presents a current-based wheel slip detecting method which can detect longitudinal wheel slip of a all-wheel driving vehicle running on road surface with different friction patches. A multi-mode slippage detection scheme is proposed to judge whether a wheel slippage occurs by detecting the change of the relevant wheel velocity and the change of(More)
Rapamycin is a clinically important drug that is used in transplantation and cancer therapy but which causes a number of side effects, including male infertility. Its canonical target, mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1 (mTORC1), plays a key role in metabolism and binds chromatin; however, its precise role in the male germline has not been elucidated.(More)