Zhiping Lin

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This paper aims at applying H.264 in medical video compression applications and improving the H.264 rate control algorithm with better perceptual quality. First, H.264 is briefly reviewed and introduced to the area of medical video compression. Second, a new motion complexity (MC) measure is defined to express the complexity of motion contents in a video(More)
This paper considers the problem of robust H/sub /spl infin// filtering for uncertain two-dimensional (2-D) continuous systems described by the Roesser state-space model. The parameter uncertainties are assumed to be norm-bounded in both the state and measurement equations. The purpose is the design of a 2-D continuous filter such that for all admissible(More)
The relative motion between radar and targets in large time-bandwidth product synthetic aperture radar (SAR) induces serious dilation in the received signal. To process the received signal with serious dilation, a new technique called dilation dependent matched filtering (DDMF) is proposed to combine with the two-dimensional space frequency interpolation(More)
A tractable criterion is presented for the existence of minor prime factorizations for a class of multidimensional (n-D) (n>2) polynomial matrices whose reduced minors and greatest common divisors have some common zeros. We also present a constructive method for carrying out the minor prime factorizations when they exist. The proposed method is further(More)
A new approach to robust adaptive beamforming for wideband array signals is proposed. General steering vector errors, such as direction-of-arrival mismatch and array positional error, are modeled by "time-delay errors" and compensated for by self-adjusted interpolation filtering. The proposed method effectively overcomes the target-signal cancellation(More)
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