Zhipeng Zhao

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This paper presents an approach for human action recognition by finding the discriminative key frames from a video sequence and representing them with the distribution of local motion features and their spatiotemporal arrangements. In this approach, the key frames of the video sequence are selected by their discriminative power and represented by the local(More)
In object recognition tasks, where images are represented as constellations of image patches, often many patches correspond to the cluttered background. In this paper, we present a two-stage method for selecting the image patches which characterize the target object class and are capable of discriminating between the positive images containing the target(More)
Sherpa population is an ethnic group living in south mountainside of Himalayas for hundreds of years. They are famous as extraordinary mountaineers and guides, considered as a good example for successful adaptation to low oxygen environment in Tibetan highlands. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) variations might be important in the highland adaption given its role(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSES This study compared VMAT and IMRT plans for intact breast radiotherapy for left sided breast cancer and evaluated the irradiated dose of planning target volume and OARs, especially focusing on heart and coronary artery. MATERIALS AND METHODS Eleven patients with left sided breast cancer whose breast was relatively smaller (the mean(More)
This paper presents a spatiotemporal pyramid representation for recognizing facial expressions and hand gestures. This approach works by partitioning video sequence into increasingly fine subdivisions in the space and time domains and modeling the distribution of the local motion features inside each subdivision such that the set of motion features are(More)
In an object recognition task where an image is represented as a constellation of image patches, often many patches correspond to the cluttered background. If such patches are used for object class recognition, they will adversely affect the recognition rate. In this paper, we present a two stage method for selecting image patches which characterize the(More)
Molybdenum (Mo) and vanadium (V) were effectively extracted from the spent diesel exhaust catalyst (V2O5-MoO3/TiO2) by using an ammonia leaching method. Meanwhile, the structure of the spent catalyst carrier (TiO2) was not destroyed and might be reused. The effects of ammonia (NH3 · H2O) concentration, leaching temperature and time, concentration of(More)
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We discuss in this paper the performance of the present Wi-Fi system in a high-speed environment where Doppler effect is taken into account. The performance is reported in both 802.11a and its future MIMO version 802.11η. Simulations are taken in use of Jakes' model in différents speeds contexts and WiFi system is found weak facing Doppler(More)