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Otitis media is a common problem in children, which may cause hearing loss and complications sometimes. This topic will review the definition, causes, types, clinical characteristics and treatments of each type of ear infections in children, by reading recently literatures. It is important to make an accurate diagnosis and choose a appropriate treatment of(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the effectiveness of tympanoplasty for treatment of chronic otitis media and cholesteatoma in children. METHOD Twenty-three cases with chronic otitis media and cholesteatoma treated by tympanoplasty were retrospectively studied, among which 15 cases had complete clinical data. The condition of surgical cavities, the duration of getting(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the best methods and skill for the removal of difficult and high risk tracheobronchial foreign body under bronchoscope. METHODS A retrospective review was performed between August 1995 to August 2012. There were 4217 children with tracheobronchial foreign body, among them, 272 were diagnosed as high-risk, highly difficult(More)
Environmental stress, such as oxygen deprivation, affects various cellular activities and developmental processes. In this study, we directly investigated Drosophila embryo development in vivo while cultured on a microfluidic device, which imposed an oxygen gradient on the developing embryos. The designed microfluidic device enabled both temporal and(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the clinical characteristics of children pen sheath bronchial foreign body, andto conclude rigid bronchoscope and self-made foreign body hook in the value of diagnosis and treatment in childrenpen sheath bronchial foreign body and operating considerations. METHODS 21 pen sheath bronchial foreign body cases diagnosed and treated by(More)
The hybrid metal subwavelength structure which takes advantage of two different noble metals in their structures have become increasingly important as they can combine plasmonic dipole peaks associated with palladium (Pd) as well as silver (Ag), and thereby create additional plasmonic peaks. The additional peaks can provide a higher degree of control over(More)
Increasingly complex competitive environments drive corporations in almost all industries to conduct omnibearing innovation activities to enhance their technological innovation capability and international competitiveness. Against this background, we propose subject–action–object (SAO) based morphological analysis to identify technology opportunities by(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the value of spiral CT scan in diagnosis of the respiratory tract foreign body in children. METHOD Eighty-four patients with negative chest X-rays who were considered to have respiratory tract foreign body were done chest spiral CT scans. RESULT All cases were found foreign body under spiral CT scans. CONCLUSION Spiral CT scan is a(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the clinic features of the sulcus vocalis in children. METHOD From Jan 1995 to April 2005,56 cases of pediatric sulcus vocalis were found by video-laryngoscopy. All received an operation called sulcus vocalis microdissection and vocal cord plasty with four steps: an incision along the superolateral edge of the sulcus; freeing of the(More)