Zhinan Cheng

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Power consumption and battery life constrain the developments of the mobile platforms. Among the mobile applications, games are the most demanding applications in terms of both computational cost and consumed energy. The power consumption spent on GPU to accelerate the rendering speed keeps increasing rapidly. Most of the GPU power saving techniques using(More)
Contemporary mobile platforms employ embedded graphic processing units (GPUs) for graphics-intensive games, and dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS) policies are used to save energy without sacrificing quality. However, current GPU DVFS policies result in unnecessary power waste due to defective workload estimations of embedded GPUs during game(More)
Since game applications have spilled over on the modern mobile platforms equipped with Multiprocessor Systemon-Chips and highlighted the power consumption and battery life problem of these platforms, reducing the game power for mobile devices becomes meaningful. The design of independent CPU-GPU power managements in contemporary platforms results in power(More)
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