Zhiming Li

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In this paper, a new online monitoring approach is proposed for handling the dynamic problem in industrial batch processes. Compared to conventional methods, its contributions are as follows: (1) multimodes are separated correctly since the cross-mode correlations are considered and the common information is extracted; (2) the expensive computing load is(More)
The security of a major operating system is investigated, including recently announced security enhancements. Four areas of security which are generally applicable to operating system design are discussed. File system security flaws were discovered, permitting a total system penetration. These flaws are described and improvements are recommended.
The aim of this study was to identify mRNA targets of dysregulated miRNAs through the integrated analysis of miRNA and mRNA expression profiling in men with normal versus impaired spermatogenesis. The expression of mRNAs and miRNAs in testicular tissues obtained from males with non-obstructive azoospermia (NOA, n = 4) or obstructive azoospermia (OA, n = 3)(More)
The cause of almost all cases of Parkinson’s disease (PD) remains unknown. Recent years have seen an explosion in the rate of discovery of genetic defects linked to PD. Different racial and geographical populations may have different distributions of genetic variants. In the current study, we screened the following genetic variants, including some rare(More)
Genetic abnormalities have been conventionally considered as hallmarks of cancer. However, studies over the past decades have demonstrated that epigenetic regulation also participates in the development of cancer. The fundamental patterns of epigenetic components, such as DNA methylation and histone modifications, are frequently altered in tumor cells.(More)
Biomimetic synthesis has become a promising green pathway to prepare nanomaterials. In this study, bovine serum albumin (BSA)-conjugated gold nanoclusters/nanoparticles were successfully synthesized in water at room temperature by a protein-directed, solution-phase, green synthetic method. The synthesized BSA-Au nanocomplexes have fluorescence emission (588(More)
Herein we firstly reported a simple, environment-friendly, controllable synthetic method of CuSe nanosnakes at room temperature using copper salts and sodium selenosulfate as the reactants, and bovine serum albumin (BSA) as foaming agent. As the amounts of selenide ions (Se2-) released from Na2SeSO3 in the solution increased, the cubic and snake-like CuSe(More)
—Power consumption of many-core chips increases in such a rapid pace that it will soon exceed the chip's affordable power budget. As a result, design of a many-core chip has to address a significant performance challenge under a tight power budget constraint. This problem becomes more prevalent as more of the frequencies and/or voltages of on-chip resources(More)
Deciphering of genetic variants plays a critical role in research and clinic of genetic disorders, such as the well known neurodegenerative disease Parkinson disease (PD). To combine pool of targeted genes and next-generation sequencing (NGS), investigators could obtain high efficient but low-cost sequencing data of interested genes. Aim to discover genetic(More)