Zhiming Hu

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Recent studies have shown that miR-199a-5p plays opposite roles in cancer initiation and progression of different cancer types, acting as oncogene for some cancer types but as tumor suppressor gene for others. However, the role and molecular mechanism of miR-199a-5p in gastric cancer are largely unknown. In this study, miR-199a-5p expression level in(More)
—We address the problem of estimating the real-time nature of traffic flows in data center networks, using the lightweight SNMP data. Unlike the problem of estimating the traffic matrix (TM) across origin-destination (OD) pairs in ISP networks, the traffic flows across servers or ToR (Top of Rack) switch pairs in data center networks are notoriously more(More)
Increased expression of galectin-1 (Gal-1) in carcinoma-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) has been reported to correlate with progression and prognosis in many cancers. However, rarely have reports sought to determine whether high Gal-1 expression in CAFs in gastric cancer is involved in the tumor process, and the specific mechanism by which it promotes the(More)
—The outputs of network monitoring such as traffic matrix and elephant flow identification are essential inputs to many network operations and system designs in DCNs, but most solutions for network monitoring adopt direct measurements or inference alone, which may suffer from either high network overhead or low precision. Different from those approaches, we(More)
CD44 as one of the most putative stem cell markers plays a key role in many cellular processes, including cancer cell growth and migration. Functional single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of CD44 may modulate its gene functions and thus cancer risk. In the current study, we investigated if polymorphisms in the 3'-untranslated region (UTR) of CD44 are(More)
Gallbladder cancer is the most common malignancy of the bile duct, with low 5-year survival rate and poor prognosis. Novel effective treatments are urgently needed for the therapy of this disease. Here, we showed that cordycepin, the bioactive compound in genus Cordyceps, induced growth inhibition and apoptosis in cultured gallbladder cancer cells(More)
—The recent development of 60GHz technology has made hybrid Data Center Networks (hybrid DCNs) possible, i.e., augmenting wired DCNs with highly directional 60GHz wireless links to provide flexible network connectivity. Although a few recent proposals have demonstrated the feasibility of this hybrid design, it still remains an open problem how to route DCN(More)
In situ gene therapy with granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) was demonstrated to successfully inhibit tumour cell growth in a mouse orthotopic bladder cancer model, but suffered from several disadvantages, such as limited efficiency for gene delivery, low expression efficiency of the transgene and the safety concern resulting from(More)
—Understanding the pattern of end-to-end traffic flows in Data Center Networks (DCNs) is essential to many DCN designs and operations (e.g., traffic engineering and load balancing). However, little research work has been done to obtain traffic information efficiently and yet accurately. Researchers often assume the availability of traffic tracing tools(More)
We address the problem of estimating the real-time traffic flows in data center networks (DCNs), using the lightweight SNMP data. Unlike the problem of estimating the traffic matrix (TM) across origin-destination (OD) pairs in ISP networks, the traffic flows across servers or Top of Rack (ToR) switch pairs in DCNs are notoriously more irregular and(More)