Zhiming Hu

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—We address the problem of estimating the real-time nature of traffic flows in data center networks, using the lightweight SNMP data. Unlike the problem of estimating the traffic matrix (TM) across origin-destination (OD) pairs in ISP networks, the traffic flows across servers or ToR (Top of Rack) switch pairs in data center networks are notoriously more(More)
—The recent development of 60GHz technology has made hybrid Data Center Networks (hybrid DCNs) possible, i.e., augmenting wired DCNs with highly directional 60GHz wireless links to provide flexible network connectivity. Although a few recent proposals have demonstrated the feasibility of this hybrid design, it still remains an open problem how to route DCN(More)
—The outputs of network monitoring such as traffic matrix and elephant flow identification are essential inputs to many network operations and system designs in DCNs, but most solutions for network monitoring adopt direct measurements or inference alone, which may suffer from either high network overhead or low precision. Different from those approaches, we(More)
—Understanding the pattern of end-to-end traffic flows in Data Center Networks (DCNs) is essential to many DCN designs and operations (e.g., traffic engineering and load balancing). However, little research work has been done to obtain traffic information efficiently and yet accurately. Researchers often assume the availability of traffic tracing tools(More)
We address the problem of estimating the real-time traffic flows in data center networks (DCNs), using the lightweight SNMP data. Unlike the problem of estimating the traffic matrix (TM) across origin-destination (OD) pairs in ISP networks, the traffic flows across servers or Top of Rack (ToR) switch pairs in DCNs are notoriously more irregular and(More)
Protein phosphatase 1, regulatory subunit 13 like PPP1R13L, also coined iASPP, was found high expression in prostate cancer tissues and cell lines. In previous research, in vitro and in vivo RNAi mediated by artificial lentiviral shRNAs which proved that suppression of iASPP decrease the proliferation of cancer cells. Endogenous interference RNAs, microRNAs(More)
In situ gene therapy with granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) was demonstrated to successfully inhibit tumour cell growth in a mouse orthotopic bladder cancer model, but suffered from several disadvantages, such as limited efficiency for gene delivery, low expression efficiency of the transgene and the safety concern resulting from(More)
Paclitaxel (PTX) is an antimitotic drug that possesses potent anticancer activity, but its therapeutic potential in the clinic has been hindered by drug resistance. Here, we report a mechanism by which cancer cells can exit from the PTX-induced mitotic arrest, i.e. mitotic slippage, and avoid subsequent death resulting in drug resistance. In cells(More)
—Typically called big data processing, processing large volumes of data from geographically distributed regions with machine learning algorithms has emerged as an important analytical tool for governments and multinational corporations. The traditional wisdom calls for the collection of all the data across the world to a central datacenter location, to be(More)
Malignant melanoma is an extremely aggressive cancer arising from melanocytes, associated with the development of metastases in up to 20% of patients. Although the liver is a frequent metastatic site of malignant melanoma, primary hepatic melanoma (PHM) is rare. The treatment of PHM is controversial, and the prognosis for affected patients remains poor. We(More)