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BACKGROUND The human endogenous retroviral family W, Env(C7), member 1 gene (HERVWE1) is thought to participate in trophoblast cell fusion, and its expression is diminished in the placentas of singleton intrauterine growth-retarded pregnancies. However, there is limited information about the role of HERVWE1 in discordant fetal growth in twins. This study(More)
It is important to develop functional transmucosal implant surfaces that reduce the number of initially adhering bacteria and they need to be modified to improve the anti-bacterial performance. Commercially pure Ti sheets were anodized in an electrolyte containing ethylene glycol, distilled water and ammonium fluoride at room temperature to produce TiO2(More)
—In this paper, a spectral subtraction speech enhancement technology based on fast noise estimation is studied. Experiments show that this algorithm can significantly improve the performance compared to the basic spectral subtraction algorithm. This algorithm can estimate the noise power spectrum quickly in nonstationary noise environment and it has an easy(More)
Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) affects the foetus and has a number of pathological consequences throughout life. Recent work has indicated that variations in DNA methylation might cause placental dysfunction, which may be associated with adverse pregnancy complications. Here, we investigated the promoter methylomes of placental shares from seven(More)
Phased array antenna uses phase shifters to change the beam direction, thereby introducing the periodic quantization lobe,and raising the peak sidelobe level. The appropriate two probable Value (A2PV) can effectively suppress the parasitic lobe. But the A2PV method result is an average optimum of a statistical sense. The peak sidelobe is random and has(More)