Zhiming He

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In this paper, a spectral subtraction speech enhancement technology based on fast noise estimation is studied. Experiments show that this algorithm can significantly improve the performance compared to the basic spectral subtraction algorithm. This algorithm can estimate the noise power spectrum quickly in nonstationary noise environment and it has an easy(More)
Phased array antenna uses phase shifters to change the beam direction, thereby introducing the periodic quantization lobe,and raising the peak sidelobe level. The appropriate two probable Value (A2PV) can effectively suppress the parasitic lobe. But the A2PV method result is an average optimum of a statistical sense. The peak sidelobe is random and has(More)
The paper studies the recognition of BPSK and QPSK signal based on phase unwrapping and time-frequency curve analysis. First it proposed a phase unwrapping method, then get the time-frequency curve of radar signal and recognize the two phase-encoded signals through curve analysis, peak detection and amplitude comparison. At last, this method is simulated(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel algorithm for the separation of speech mixtures using two-microphone recordings, based on the combination of improved independent component analysis (ICA) and ideal binary mask (IBM). The improved FastICA algorithm reduce the number of Jacobian matrix, significantly reduce numbers of the convergence of the iteration. The(More)
In All-digital IF receiver, the timing synchronization signal, due to inter-symbol interference will produce a high error rate, and then through the equalizer, eliminate inter-symbol interference. This paper uses CMA (constant modulus algorithm) to eliminate inter-symbol interference, and uses pipeline structure and complex multiplication optimization to(More)
The problem of adaptive detection of spatially distributed targets or targets embedded in no homogeneous clutter with unknown covariance matrix is studied. At first, assume the clutter is complex circular zero-mean Gaussian clutter with an unknown positive definite covariance matrix, and it is independent of the covariance matrix vector under test, the(More)
As there is a restriction in coding length selection when using the original phase-encoded and frequency-hopped signals to compose a single-cycle FSK/PSK signal, a new method for generation of a multi-cycle FSK/PSK signal is proposed which allowed selecting the coding sequences of all length. The ambiguity function expression of this type of signal is(More)