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This is the first in a series of papers where a new gradient recovery method is introduced and analyzed. It is proved that the method is superconvergent for translation invariant finite element spaces of any order. The method maintains the simplicity, efficiency, and superconvergence properties of the Zienkiewicz-Zhu patch recovery method. In addition,(More)
B-cell translocation gene 2 (BTG2), the first gene identified in the BTG/TOB gene family, is involved in many biological activities in cancer cells acting as a tumor suppressor. The BTG2 expression is downregulated in many human cancers. It is an instantaneous early response gene and plays important roles in cell differentiation, proliferation, DNA damage(More)
The polynomial preserving recovery (PPR) is used to enhance the finite element eigenvalue approximation. Remarkable fourth order convergence is observed for linear elements under structured meshes as well as unstructured initial meshes (produced by the Delaunay triangulation) with the conventional bisection refinement. 1. Introduction. Recovery techniques(More)
The convergence and superconvergence properties of the discontinuous Galerkin (DG) method for a singularly perturbed model problem in one-dimensional setting are studied. By applying the DG method with appropriately chosen numerical traces, the existence and uniqueness of the DG solution, the optimal order L2 error bounds, and 2p + 1-order super-convergence(More)
Memory requests in many-core systems are interleaved with each other and the locality of many-core systems decreases heavily. Page policies in traditional single core systems are not effective when it comes to many-core systems, because the open-page policy needs much locality of memory requests and the close-page policy takes no advantage of the remaining(More)
The hourly concentrations of BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, m,p-Xylene and o-Xylene) in the urban area of Beijing were measured during July-October 2008, covering the periods of the 2008 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. The atmospheric BTEX were pre-concentrated on Tenax-TA tubes, and analyzed by GC-PID (Gas Chromatography with Photo Ionization(More)