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The models described in this paper for treating congestion in DEA are extended by according them chance constrained programming formulations. The usual route used in chance constrained programming is followed here by replacing these stochastic models with their ''deterministic equivalents.'' This leads to a class of non-linear problems. However, it is shown(More)
Manufacturer–retailer supply chains commonly adopt a wholesale price mechanism. This mechanism, however, has often led manufacturers and retailers to situations of conflicts of interest. For example, due to uncertain market demand, retailers prefer to order flexibly from manufacturers so as to avoid incurring inventory costs and to be able to respond(More)
MOTIVATION The use of allosteric modulators as preferred therapeutic agents against classic orthosteric ligands has colossal advantages, including higher specificity, fewer side effects and lower toxicity. Therefore, the computational prediction of allosteric sites in proteins is receiving increased attention in the field of drug discovery. Allosite is a(More)
myo-Inositol monophosphatase (IMPase) plays a pivotal role in the intracellular phosphatidylinositol cell signaling pathway. It has attracted considerable attention as a putative therapeutic target for lithium therapy in the treatment of bipolar disorder. A trio of activated cofactor Mg²⁺ ions is required for inositol monophosphate hydrolysis by IMPase. In(More)
SUMMARY ODORactor is an open access web server aimed at providing a platform for identifying odorant receptors (ORs) for small molecules and for browsing existing OR-ligand pairs. It enables the prediction of ORs from the molecular structures of arbitrary chemicals by integrating two individual functionalities: odorant verification and OR recognition. The(More)