Zhiling Yang

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This paper introduces a preliminary effort to develop an automatic image analysis method using Artificial Immune Systems for clinical dental diagnosis. To diagnose dental deformity, especially malocclusion, manual measurement of certain geometry on the X-ray images is traditionally used, which relies on subjective judgment to determine the reference points.(More)
This paper focuses on the tracking problem for air-breathing hypersonic vehicles (AHVs) and proposes a new control method on the basis of not canceling, but using, aero-propulsive, as well as elevator-to-lift, couplings to design controllers without strategically avoiding or reducing the nonminimum phase characteristic. The controllers and the external(More)
Short-term wind speed and wind power forecasts (for a 72 h period) are obtained using a nonlinear autoregressive exogenous artificial neural network (ANN) methodology which incorporates either numerical weather prediction or high-resolution computational fluid dynamics wind field information as an exogenous input. An ensemble approach is used to combine the(More)
With the explosive growth of multimedia streaming service, streaming proxy server is deployed to reduce response time, server load and network traffic. Existing single node proxy server has limitation on delivering many simultaneously streams. To solve this problem, in this paper, we propose a scalable streaming proxy server based on cluster architecture.(More)
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