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Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) plays a critical role in the Internet inter-domain routing reliability. Invalid routes generated by mis-configurations or forged by malicious attacks may hijack the traffic and devastate the Internet routing system, but it is unlikely that a secure BGP can be deployed in the near future to completely prevent them. Although many(More)
—The de facto inter-domain routing protocol, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), plays a critical role in the Internet routing reliability. Invalid routes generated by mis-configurations or malicious attacks will devastate the Internet routing system. In the near future, deploying a secure BGP in the Internet to completely prevent hijacking is impossible. As a(More)
This paper is concerned with the robust exponential synchronization problem of a class of chaotic delayed neural networks with different parametric uncertainties. A novel impulsive control scheme (so-called dual-stage impulsive control) is proposed. Based on the theory of impulsive functional differential equations, a global exponential synchronization(More)
Robustness testing of network protocol aims to detect vulnerabilities of protocol specifications and implementations under critical conditions. However, related theory is not well developed and prevalent test practices have deficiencies. This paper builds a novel NPEFSM model containing sufficient inputs and their processing rules to formalize complex(More)
—This letter presents an adaptive synchronization scheme between two different kinds of delayed chaotic neural networks (NNs) with partly unknown parameters. An adaptive controller is designed to guarantee the global asymptotic synchronization of state trajectories for two different chaotic NNs with time delay. An illustrative example is given to(More)
—Protocol interoperability testing is an important technique to ensure the quality of implementations of network communication protocols. In this paper, we present an efficient method to generate interoperability testing for time dependent protocol. We use the formal model Communicating TIOAs (CTIOAs) to specify the system under test, in which time(More)
The critical requirement on reliability, fault-tolerance and security of network devices highlights the necessity of protocol robustness testing. Mutation testing of protocol messages is an important part of robustness testing, but related theory and practices are not well developed. This paper builds a NFSM model for mutation testing of protocol messages(More)
Serologic and molecular evidence indicates that peste des petits ruminants virus (PPRV) infection has emerged in goats and sheep in the Ngari region of southwestern Tibet, People's Republic of China. Phylogenetic analysis confirms that the PPRV strain from Tibet is classified as lineage 4 and is closely related to viruses currently circulating in(More)