Zhili Song

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Small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) are routinely used to reduce mRNA levels for a specific gene with the goal of studying its function. Several studies have demonstrated that siRNAs are not always specific and can have many off-target effects. The 3' UTRs of off-target mRNAs are often enriched in sequences that are complementary to the seed-region of the(More)
With the advantages of point-feature and curve feature, a novel image registration approach is proposed in this paper. The method is more robust and more reliable, since it adopts the location information indexed by the correct matching pair of feature-points and transformation information determined by the correct matching pair of curves simultaneously.(More)
—Similarity Measure is crucial to image registration. It decisively affects not only robustness but also accuracy of the registration algorithm. In this paper, an improved similarity measure denoted by MILF is proposed. It is based on trajectories generated from Lissajous Figures. Based on MILF and Integrating with noticeably improvement on feature match(More)
—Through optimizing the feature matching process by integrating scale-invariant feature transform (SIFT) algorithm with a novel curve matching algorithm based on isohypse and triangle-area representation (TAR), two gaps of SIFT when applied in multimodality image registration are supplied. In this paper, a improved similarity measure (SMLF) based on(More)
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