Zhili Huang

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An elevated level of cholesterol in mitochondrial membranes of Niemann-Pick disease type C1 (NPC1) mouse brains and neural cells has been found to cause mitochondrial dysfunction. In this study, we demonstrate that inhibition of intracellular cholesterol trafficking in primary neurons by class 2 amphiphiles, which mimics the major biochemical and cellular(More)
Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (PACAP), a member of the secretin/glucagon/vasoactive intestinal peptide family expressed throughout the nervous system, binds to the PACAP-specific G-protein-coupled receptor family members to promote both neuronal differentiation and survival. Although the PACAP receptor is known to activate its effector(More)
An improved method for fast scanning and fluorescence detection on multimicrochannel microchips is presented using acousto-optic-deflection-driven laser-beam scanning. A microprocessor embedded subsystem used in conjunction with LabView program as the human-machine interface for control of laser-beam scanning and data preprocessing allowed faster scanning(More)
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