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The boom of product review websites, blogs and forums on the web has attracted many research efforts on opinion mining. Recently, there was a growing interest in the finer-grained opinion mining, which detects opinions on different review features as opposed to the whole review level. The researches on feature-level opinion mining mainly rely on identifying(More)
In recent years, the number of freely available online reviews is increasing at a high speed. Aspect-based opinion mining technique has been employed to find out reviewers' opinions toward different product aspects. Such finer-grained opinion mining is valuable for the potential customers to make their purchase decisions. Product-feature extraction and(More)
Transient global ischemia (which closely resembles clinical situations such as cardiac arrest, near drowning or severe systemic hypotension during surgical procedures), often induces delayed neuronal death in the brain, especially in the hippocampal CA1 region. The mechanism of ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury is not fully understood. In this study, we(More)
Domain adaptation is an important problem in named entity recognition (NER). NER classi-fiers usually lose accuracy in the domain transfer due to the different data distribution between the source and the target domains. The major reason for performance degrading is that each entity type often has lots of domain-specific term representations in the(More)
This work investigates the impact of non-periodic quantization step size variation on perceptual video quality. We composed non-periodic temporal variation patterns from periodic variation patterns. We present subjective test results and examine how does the overall quality under non-periodic variation relate to the qualities of individual periodic(More)
Coccidiosis, caused by Eimeria parasites, is a major parasitic disease responsible for great economic losses in the poultry industry. Toll-like receptor (TLR) family is one of the most important innate immune receptors, which involved in pathogen detection by initiating host responses, and it plays important roles in the reduction and clearance of(More)
Aspect-oriented opinion mining detects the reviewers' sentiment orientation (e.g. positive, negative or neutral) towards different product-features. Domain customization is a big challenge for opinion mining due to the accuracy loss across domains. In this paper, we show our experiences and lessons learned in the domain customization for the aspect-oriented(More)
Address standardization is a very challenging task in data cleansing. To provide better customer relationship management and business intelligence for customer-oriented cooperates, millions of free-text addresses need to be converted to a standard format for data integration, de-duplication and householding. Existing commercial tools usually employ lots of(More)
Percutaneous immune method is becoming an attractive alternative for DNA vaccine as a lot of antigen presenting cells are existed in the viable epidermis. However, due to the barrier function of stratum corneum, it would be hard for DNA vaccine to reach the viable epidermis of the skin. In order to deliver the DNA vaccine successfully cross the stratum(More)
Web document could be seen to be composed of textual content as well as social metadata of various forms (e.g., anchor text, search query and social annotation), both of which are valuable to indicate the semantic content of the document. However, due to the free nature of the web, the two streams of web data suffer from the serious problems of noise and(More)