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Let X denote the feature and Y the target. We consider domain adaptation under three possible scenarios: (1) the marginal PY changes, while the conditional PX|Y stays the same (target shift), (2) the marginal PY is fixed, while the conditional PX|Y changes with certain constraints (conditional shift), and (3) the marginal PY changes, and the conditional(More)
Hong Jiang began his talk by discussing the importance of data recovery. Disk failures have become more common in RAID-structured storage systems. The improvement in disk capacity has far outpaced improvements in disk bandwidth, lengthening the overall RAID recovery time. Also, disk drive reliability has improved slowly, resulting in a very high overall(More)
Intention inference can be an essential step toward efficient humanrobot interaction. For this purpose, we propose the Intention-Driven Dynamics Model (IDDM) to probabilistically model the generative process of movements that are directed by the intention. The IDDM allows to infer the intention from observed movements using Bayes’ theorem. The IDDM(More)
Diacylglycerol acyltransferase (DGAT1; EC is the key enzyme governing the terminal step of triacylglycerol synthesis in plant seeds. The aims here were to isolate and characterize a full-length cDNA encoding DGAT1 from the sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) cultivar ‘Wanzhi1’ (oil content 55 ± 2 %; SiDGAT1); and to over-express that gene in Arabidopsis(More)
Global transcription engineering was developed as a tool to reprogram gene transcription for eliciting new phenotypes important for technological applications (Science 2006, 314(5805):1565-1568). A recent report indicated that the beneficial growth advantage of yeast cells expressing the SPT15-300 mutation is the result of enhanced uptake and/or improved(More)
High level feature extraction ID MAP Training set Testing set Brief description run1 0.116 LIG & CAS 1frame/shot & 3frame/shot baseline+keypoint run2 0.123 LIG & CAS 3frame/shot baseline run3 0.057 CAS & Flickr & Peekaboom 1frame/shot & 3frame/shot trecvid+flickr+peekaboom run4 0.103 CAS & Flickr & Peekaboom 1frame/shot & 3frame/shot borda fusion for run3(More)
Present-day soybeans consist of elite cultivars and landraces (Glycine max, fully domesticated (FD)), annual wild type (Glycine soja, nondomesticated (ND)), and semi-wild type (semi-domesticated (SD)). FD soybean originated in China, although the details of its domestication history remain obscure. More than 500 diverse soybean accessions were sequenced(More)
Opponent modeling is a critical mechanism in repeated games. It allows a player to adapt its strategy in order to better respond to the presumed preferences of his opponents. We introduce a new modeling technique that adaptively balances exploitability and risk reduction. An opponent’s strategy is modeled with a set of possible strategies that contain the(More)
In this study, honeysuckle, a common Chinese herbal medicine, produced from different areas was investigated for total arsenic and arsenic species concentration. The total arsenic concentrations were determined by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) and ranged from 275 to 635 μg kg−1. A microwave-assisted procedure with 1 % phosphoric acid(More)
Inference of human intention may be an essential step towards understanding human actions and is hence important for realizing efficient human-robot interaction. In this paper, we propose the Intention-Driven Dynamics Model (IDDM), a latent variable model for inferring unknown human intentions. We train the model based on observed human movements/actions.(More)