Zhikang Wang

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We consider the problem of grasping concave objects, i.e., objects whose surface includes regions with negative curvature. When a multifingered hand is used to restrain these objects, these areas can be advantageously used to determine grasps capable of more robustly resisting to external disturbance wrenches. We propose a new grasp quality metric(More)
As a tumor thermal ablation technology in cancer therapy, HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) has been developed rapidly in recent years. With the technology becoming more and more mature, it's clinical application is becoming more and more widely. In HIFU therapy, the high-intensity ultrasound energy is focused in the target tumor tissue, generating(More)
Attempting to use nonlinear spatiotemporal Lyapunov exponent to characterize fMRI brain functional connectivity of anxiety disease patients, we adopted the methods of nonlinear spatiotemporal Lyapunov exponent and linear correlation coefficients to analyses fMRI datum of 11 anxiety disease patients and 11 healthy volunteers, respectively. The results show(More)
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