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Rhabdoid tumors are aggressive pediatric malignancies for which, currently, there are no effective or standard treatment strategies. Rhabdoid tumors arise because of the loss of the tumor suppressor gene INI1. We have previously demonstrated that INI1 represses Cyclin D1 transcription in rhabdoid cells by directly recruiting histone deacetylase 1 complex to(More)
Yunnan Province of China is considered the site of origin for modern plague. We analyzed the genotypes of eight Yersinia pestis strains isolated from three counties in Yunnan Province by pulse field gel electrophoresis (PFGE). PFGE showed that strains isolated from the same site were identical regardless of hosts or year of isolation. However, Y. pestis(More)
Yersinia pestis, the causative agent of plague, is a deadly bacterium that affects humans. Strain D106004 was isolated from a new plague focus in Yulong County, China, in 2006. To gain insights into the epidemic origin, we have sequenced the genomes of D106004 and strains Z176003 and D182038, isolated from neighboring regions.
Yersinia pestis has caused three worldwide plagues in human history that have led to innumerable deaths. We have completely sequenced the genomes of two strains (D106004 and D182038) of Y. pestis isolated from Yunnan Province of China. The most striking finding of our study is that large amounts of genome rearrangement events exist between the genomes of(More)
The Yersinia pestis chromosome contains a large variety and number of insert sequences that have resulted in frequent chromosome rearrangement events. To identify the chromosomal rearrangement features of Y. pestis strains from five typical plague foci in China and study spontaneous DNA rearrangements potentially stabilized in certain lineages of Y. pestis(More)
Thymomas are the most common tumors of the mediastinum. These tumors often compress vital mediastinal organs and severely impact the quality of life of thymoma patients. To avoid the side effects of chemoradiotherapy, some patients with unresectable malignant thymomas have opted to undergo cryotherapy in our hospital. We reviewed the cryosurgery, nursing(More)
Rhabdoid Tumors (RTs) are highly aggressive pediatric malignancies with poor prognosis. There are currently no standard or effective treatments for RTs in part because treatments are not designed to specifically target these tumors. Our previous studies indicated that targeting the cyclin/cdk pathway is a novel therapeutic strategy for RTs and that a(More)
We analyzed 10 isolates of Francisella tularensis subspecies holarctica from China and assigned them to known clades by using canonical single-nucleotide polymorphisms. We found 4 diverse subtypes, including 3 from the most basal lineage, biovar japonica. This result indicates unprecedented levels of diversity from a single region and suggests new models(More)
Ehrlichia are obligately intracellular bacteria that reside in a vacuole in the cytoplasm of phagocytes. We determined by confocal microscopy the interaction between Ehrlichia and mitochondria in DH82 cells to investigate the mechanism of Ehrlichia survival inside the phagocyte. The most remarkable finding of our study was that Ehrlichia morulae interacted(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the types of subspecies of Francisella tularensis from China and to investigate the genetic relationships between F. tularensis strains from China and from other countries. METHODS Ten strains of F. tularensis isolated from China were amplified by using typing primers C1/C4 and RD1. On the basis of the lengths of the polymerase chain(More)