Zhijun Ren

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Airy-Bessel configuration wave packets are believed to be exotic localized linear light bullets (LLBs) without spatiotemporal spread during propagation in free space. By carefully studying the propagation of ideal Airy-Bessel wave packets (ABWs) in free space, several new results were obtained. Cubic spatially induced dispersion (SID) slightly broadens Airy(More)
By studying the effect of spatially induced group velocity dispersion (SIGVD) during the propagation of ultrashort pulsed Bessel beams in free space, we numerically prove that third-order SIGVD can temporally cause Gaussian distribution of pulsed Bessel beams to gradually evolve as unsymmetrical trailing oscillatory structures. The pulse shape is confirmed(More)
The effect of plasma produced and the power energy efficiency on the generation of hydrogen peroxide in high voltage discharge process were investigated. The energy put into the discharge region was used to generate active radicals, then to form hydrogen peroxide and nitrate. With increasing the voltage, the energy efficiency of hydrogen peroxide production(More)
Based on a geometric caustic argument and diffraction catastrophe theory, we generate a novel form of accelerating beams using a symmetric 3/2 phase-only pattern. Such beams can be called accelerating quad Airy beams (AQABs) because they look very much like four face-to-face combined Airy beams. Optical characteristics of AQABs are subsequently(More)
We construct and generate symmetric accelerating caustic beams (ACBs) by using 3/2-order phase-only masks with elliptical contour based on optical caustics and diffraction theory. The symmetric ACBs are a type of bimodal accelerating caustic beam with two quasi-constant intensity peaks, very similar to the combination of two face-to-face Airy-like beams(More)
The effect of loaded pellets in high voltage pulse discharge was investigated. There were some changes in the surface characteristics of different pellets with loaded catalysts. The specific surface area of the pellet loaded with ferric hydroxide increased and the pellet loaded with titanium dioxide decreased. Pore volume and pore size of loaded pellets(More)
We introduce another type of Pearcey beam, namely, dual Pearcey (DP) beams, based on the Pearcey function of catastrophe theory. DP beams are experimentally generated by applying Fresnel diffraction of bright elliptic rings. Form-invariant Bessel distribution beams can be regarded as a special case of DP beams. Subsequently, the basic propagation(More)
By using the diffractive optical elements written onto a spatial light modulator, we experimentally obtain optical regular triple-cusp beams. Their propagation characteristics and topological structures are subsequently investigated. The experimental results demonstrate that each cusp of an optical regular triple-cusp beam, similar to the main lobe of an(More)