Zhijun Meng

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In regions of adult neurogenesis, neural progenitor cells (NPCs) are found in close proximity to blood vessels within a so-called 'vascular niche'. Neurogenesis is linked to angiogenesis via certain growth factors. We propose that angiopoietin-1 (Ang1), which is similar to VEGF, has a unique role in neurogenesis independent of its role in angiogenesis. In(More)
Wireless sensor network can act as a distributed sampling system in precision farming applications which aim at estimating the spatiotemporal variability. Sensor nodes should be deployed referring to the communication range r c and the sampling range r s instead of the sensing range. In this paper, a kind of systematic random deployment based on three(More)
In order to improve the generalization capability of process neural network (PNN), a novel learning algorithm is proposed based on basis function expansion (BFE) algorithm and artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm, named BFE-ABC algorithm. First, the input functions and weight functions are simplified through BFE algorithm. The parameter space is(More)