Zhijun Meng

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In regions of adult neurogenesis, neural progenitor cells (NPCs) are found in close proximity to blood vessels within a so-called 'vascular niche'. Neurogenesis is linked to angiogenesis via certain growth factors. We propose that angiopoietin-1 (Ang1), which is similar to VEGF, has a unique role in neurogenesis independent of its role in angiogenesis. In(More)
Wireless sensor network can act as a distributed sampling system in precision farming applications which aim at estimating the spatiotemporal variability. Sensor nodes should be deployed referring to the communication range r c and the sampling range r s instead of the sensing range. In this paper, a kind of systematic random deployment based on three(More)
—Fertilizer application control in reason is the key technology to improve operation quality, reduce fertilizer pollution, and cut down costs of production. A control system of variable rate fertilizer is developed based on microcontroller chip in the paper. The system can automatically control flow dosage by adjusting feed gate opening size and changing(More)
The purpose of this research was to develop a kind of light bar parallel guidance system based on DGPS for small agriculture machinery. This system consists of field computer, light bar and DGPS. The field computer is developed using PC/104 CPU module, running on which the embedded real-time operation system was customized by a special development tool.(More)