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Identification and characterization of P15RS, a novel P15(INK4b) related gene on G1/S progression.
Sequence analysis revealed that P15RS cDNA encoded a 312-amino-acid peptide containing a RAR domain that is involved in regulation of nuclear pre-mRNA, which suggests that P 15RS may be a nuclear regulation protein. Expand
Study on genomic structural chracteristics of a new dengue-2 virus Fujian strain
The alterations of 8 amino acids, which locate in encoding protein regions of dengue virus genome, and 3′ NCR 134 site nucleotide may be related to the neurovirulence of d Dengue virus to suckling mice. Expand
Study on the determinants of suckling mice neurovirulence of dengue 2 virus
AbstractpDVWS501 was a genomic-length cDNA clone of dengue 2 virus, through which infectious virus (MON501) could be rescued. MON501 was neurovirulent in mice, whose E residues 62 and 203 were LysExpand
Determination and analysis of the complete genomic sequence of the Dengue type 4 virus B5 strain isolated in China
This is the first report on the complete genome sequence of dengue type 4 virus strain isolated in China helpful to understand the relationship between viral genome structures and biological functions, the phylogeny of Chinese isolates and the development of new d Dengue vaccines. Expand
PCR-RFLP for typing of Chinese DEN-2 genotypes
In this study, the prM-E genes of 5 Chinese DEN-2 isolates from Fujian, Guangxi and Hainan were amplified by RT-PCR and results showed that strainDEN-2 FJ-10 and strainFJ-11 belong to the same genotype, strain D2-43 and strain D1-44 are another genotype and strainD2-04 is different from the former 4 strains. Expand