Zhijuan Fan

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Cell motility and chemotaxis play pivotal roles in the process of tumor development and metastasis. Protein kinase C ζ (PKC ζ) mediates epidermal growth factor (EGF)-stimulated chemotactic signaling pathway through regulating cytoskeleton rearrangement and cell adhesion. The purpose of this study was to develop anti-PKC ζ therapeutics for breast cancer(More)
CONTEXT The use of graphene oxide (GO) in biomedicine and cancer therapy has increased significantly owing to its unique physical and chemical properties. As a consequence, the toxicity of GO in the environment and in humans has garnered more and more attention. OBJECTIVE In this paper, we studied the potential cytotoxicity of GO nanosheets via examining(More)
The most effective diagnostic tool for the majority of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) patients is determining the differentiation grade of their tumors. However liver biopsies, which are currently the most effective way of determining tumor differentiation grade, have several limitations. The present study was designed to select serum characteristic(More)
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