Zhijie Tao

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We consider a periodic-review inventory system in which multiple non-identical retailers replenish from a warehouse, which further replenishes from an outside ample source. Each facility faces Poisson customer demand and replenishes according to a base-stock policy in a fixed time interval. There are fixed costs incurred for placing an order. The warehouse(More)
We study a single-product periodic-review inventory system with multiple types of returns. The serviceable products used to fulfill stochastic customer demand can be either manufactured/ordered, or remanufactured from the returned products, and the objective is to minimize the expected total discounted cost over a finite planning horizon. We show that,(More)
Kagome lattices have attracted much attention owing to their potential applications in spin-frustrated magnetism and host-guest chemistry. Examples toward the fabrication of 2D Kagome lattices reported previously have in common that the precursor molecules were typically deposited on the surface structurally intact with no chemical reactions accompanied.(More)
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