Zhijie Cai

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Optical imaging based on intrinsic signals is a powerful method to visualize the activities of neural assembly in the cortex of animals in vivo, especially the detailed functional architecture of the visual cortex. Here, a new index, two-dimensional (2D) C0 complexity has been used to give a quantitative measure of the spatial pattern of the neural activity(More)
TTS technology intended to export any text into clear and natural voice real-timely, TTS composed of Text analysis, prosody control and speech synthesis modules. Text analysis and processing module is on the front end, this module given the linguistics and phonetics text detailed information for the speech synthesis. This paper based on the Tibetan written,(More)
The analysis of Tibetan character properties is a fundamental task of Tibetan information processing Statistical analysis of Tibetan character properties provides Tibetan information processing theory data. This paper was carried out frequency statistics of Tibetan basic components of corpus from 2,129,234 words and analysis to the statistical data.