Zhijiang Xie

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Color imaging in the hot rolled condition provides the better reaction of heavy rail on surface defects. In this paper, it proposes a series of novel algorithms of accurate position and segmentation of surface defects of heavy rail. An image acquisition device is designed on the adjustable camera bracket with the linear array CCD, and based on the(More)
In high-power laser systems, such as NIF and SG-III, the contamination existing on the optical surfaces will reduce the performance of load and even lead damage to optical components. It is important to acquire the cleanliness level for obtaining ideal functionality. The existing methods are usually low efficiency or low accuracy or high cost in inspection(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks, WSN for short, envisions ubiquitous computing future in many fields, such as environmental monitoring, traffic management, disaster forecasting, military surveillance and inventory tracking. In this paper, we put forward the software and hardware design methods of WSN which based on Bluetooth and embedded system. We adopt the(More)
We presents a series of the key technologies to address the disadvantages of optical surface flaws interference and high-fallout rate when detecting the surface cleanliness of ultra-smooth optical components. We designed a movable clamping fixture and 3-D electric control detection platform for multi-size standby detected optical components. We adopted the(More)
A new parallel robot of high structure stiffness and speed response is designed to realize six-degree-of-freedom (6-DOF) in space of an experiment equipment. In order to avoid singularity of the robot, this article deduces the condition of singularity for the parallel manipulator from the relationship between the input of each chain and the output of moving(More)
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